NextGEMS Vlog

NextGEMS VideoBlog – or Vlog is a communication tool developed by our scientists in the Storms & Society theme.

Its purpose will be to explore new methods of communication, dissemination and exploitation of knowledge gained through the project. The idea for the Vlog is an outgrowth of experiences of Latest Thinking, a small enterprise (GmbH) that has helped pioneer new methods of science communication, and are members of the NextGEMS Consortium. The Vlog will integrate video, and various other media, along a timeline designed to inform different stakeholder communities, from the general public, to experts on public policy, to scientists and technologists about storm-resolving Earth-system modelling — what it is, what we are learning from it, how it contributes to societal development more broadly, and where we see it going in the future.

NextGEMS introductary clip

Cycle 1 Hackathon

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