nextGEMS turns two!

8. September 2023

nextGEMS celebrates its 2nd anniversary.

During the afternoon of September 6th of 2023, 21 participants gathered online to celebrate the second anniversary of the European project nextGEMS. The session started at 3:30pm and the project members started the session by playing two videos: one dedicated to the advancements that have been made throughout the year and another remembering the third cycle of the project’s hackathon in Madrid earlier this year.

NextGEMS is a project funded by the European Union that is currently moving to its application phase. In other words, within the next year, the activities derived from nextGEMS will aim to apply all what was learned in the previous two years, during the development phase. Furthermore, a review report for the European Commission is on its way to being delivered, project coordinator Heike Konow said at the meeting.

The online celebration served as a space where participants were able to discuss new ideas; provide feedback; explain their expectations for the incoming year; and talk about the highlights of the project. One of the main improvements discussed among participants was related to enhancing the communication between developers and people analysing the models.

Finally, the celebration gathering ended with the project team thanking everyone involved in nextGEMS within the last two years. As a way to provide feedback and suggestions more easily, the team provided an online Whiteboard, where the community can continue to write – anonymously if they may – their comments.

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