Storms and Society

In addition to leading traditional dissemination and exploitation activities, the Storms and Society theme will work closely with each physical science theme (Storms and Radiation, Storms and Ocean, Storms and Land) to develop two broad types of activities – Knowledge Coproduction activities at Hackathons and a NextGEMS VideoBlog.

This theme builds the coproduction process by defining and solving Challenge Problems: ‘real-world’ scientific and societal questions developed together with stakeholders. The first Challenge Problems will be developed with the users from the NextGEMS User Network from renewable energy and fishery. Knowledge exchange will continue throughout the project, supported by innovative communication and dissemination activities. These activities are aimed at bringing in new stakeholders, enhancing project visibility and improving usability of project outcomes for impact assessment and risk management.

At the heart of the content generation strategy are the researchers themselves who will become Vloggers (Video Bloggers). Scientist will be empowered though training (at Hackathons), coordination (to help select topics and choose formats) and technical support to become active communicators of their research within and beyond the project.


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