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7th Sep 22nextGEMS hours switch to Storms & Scienceall
14th Sep 22Tomoki Miyakawa (University of Tokyo) – Global storm and
ocean-eddy resolving earth system models
21st Sep 22Hans Segura and Tobias Becker – Analysing precipitation in the new
28th Sep 22The tropical mixed layer – real and simulatedS&O
5th Oct 22
12th Oct 22Social network analysis: Results from the C2 HackathonS&S
19th Oct 22
26th Oct 22Peter Caldwell & Christopher Terai (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) –
Progress with the Simple Cloud-Resolving E3SM Atmosphere Model
28th Oct 22SPECIAL: Video training for scientists – Latest Thinking GmbHall
2nd Nov 22Inigo Gomara (UCM) and Jiawei Bao (MPI-M) – Tropical precipitationS&L and
9th Nov 22Ed Hawkins (University of Reading) – Extreme windstormsS&S
16th Nov 22Funding possibilities for ECSall
23rd Nov 22Hanna Pawłowska & Piotr Dziekan (University of Warsaw) 
– Lagrangian Cloud Model
30th Nov 22Dian Putrasahan (MPI-M) – Spatio-temporal scale dependencies
of air-sea interactions
7th Dec 22Storms & Ocean: Tropical cycloneS&O
14th Dec 22Christina Prell (Groningen) –
Transdisciplinarity and shifting network boundaries
21st Dec 22Christmas Specialall
28th Dec 22Christmas Break
4th Jan 23Christmas Break
11th Jan 23Duncan Watson-Parris (University of Oxford) ClimateBench:
Emulation of Earth System Models for Scenario Exploration
18th Jan 23Simona Bordoni (Caltech) – Precipitation and related circulationS&O
25th Jan 23Menno Veerman (WUR) – 3D radiation modellingS&L
1st Feb 23Modelling updateall
8th Feb 23all
16th Feb 23, 11 a.m.Marina Baldissera (BSC/Leeds) – Developing high quality regional
climate projections: a framework, applications and recommendations
22th Feb 23MJO from Tamaki Suematsu & Wan-Ling Tseng S&O
1st Mar 23Junhong Lee (MPI-M)S&L
8th Mar 23S&R
15th Mar 23Ian Dragaud (UHH) – Representation of the atmospheric boundary layer by
nextGEMS simulations during EUREC4A campaign
22 Mar 23
29 Mar 23Daniel Paredes Beato & Nuria Sanchez Sanchez (Iberdrola) –
nextGEMs Validation of Cycle2 IFS model with ground-measurements
5th Apr 23Sue van den Heere (Colorado State University) – Description of the NASA Investigation of
Convective Updrafts (INCUS) mission
12th Apr 23Easter Break
19th Apr 23Storyline of renewable energy pilot studyS&S
26th Apr 23– (EGU)
3rd May 23Milan Kloewer (MIT) – Compressing atmospheric data into its real information contentS&R
10th May 23Gianpaolo Balsano (ECMWF) – Insights into the land component of the IFS modelS&L
17th May 23Data-handling and Q&A for Cycle 3 – Part 1all
24th May 23Data-handling and Q&A for Cycle 3 – Part 2all
31st May 23no session – Cycle 3 Hackathon
7th Jun 23
14th Jun 23Results C3H Storms & Ocean: Inter-basin interactionS&O
21st Jun 23Results C3H Storms & LandS&L
summer break (back in September 2023)
6th Sep 232nd nextGEMS anniversaryall
13th Sep 23Results C3H Storms & RadiationS&R
20th Sep 23Results C3H Storms & SocietyS&S
27th Sep 23Marta Mrozowska (NBI, UCPH) – Automated tuning of the mixed layer in ocean modelsS&O
4th Oct 23Melissa Ruiz-Vasquez (MPI Biogeochemistry) – Improving land-surface interactions by
improving vegetation information in EC-Land
11th Oct 23Paper discussion – potential topics for collaborative papersall
18th Oct 23Andreas Prein (NCAR) – Km-scale climate modeling – advances, challenges and opportunitiesS&R
25th Oct 23Knowledge networks: results of the C3H SNA surveyS&S
1st Nov 23day off
8th Nov 23Johann Jungclaus and Tianyan Li (MPI-M) – Representation of Tropical Instability Waves in ICON-ESMS&O
15th Nov 23Gerit Hatter (WUR) – Global & Regional surface wind patterns in high resolution climate modelsS&L
22nd Nov 23Hackathons – A form of interaction and working togetherall
29nd Nov 23
6th Dec 23
13th Dec 23Geert Lenderink (KNMI) – Extreme precipitationS&L
20th Dec 23Christmas Specialall
Storms&Science Agenda


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