For specified locations on Earth, it is now possible to output variables, for instance temperature or radiation or wind, at a very high frequency, a frequency which can be as high as the model time-step (in the order of seconds to a few minutes). As a comparison, over the full Earth, two­ dimensional variables are only outputted every 30 minutes due to the high storage requirement. This high-frequency data logging is needed for model evaluation activities and for the nextGEMS pilot project on solar power. Variables, location and sampling frequency can be chosen according to the user needs, as communicated to the modeling centers. After discussion with scientists and stakeholders, 30 locations were chosen for the high frequency data logging. These locations correspond to sites with high quality observations, with a renewable energy park or locations of previous field campaigns.

The table below shows a list of high-frequency logging site. More information can be found in the Deliverable 8.3.

Latitude [°]Longitude [°]Description
13.2-59.4EUREC4A 01
13.613-56.7529EUREC4A 02
14.1196-57.121EUREC4A 03
14.3131-57.7165EUREC4A 04
14.1196-58.312EUREC4A 05
13.613-58.6801EUREC4A 06
12.9869-58.6801EUREC4A 07
12.4803-58.312EUREC4A 08
12.2868-57.7165EUREC4A 09
12.4803-57.121EUREC4A 10
12.9869-56.7529EUREC4A 11
67.3726.63Sodankyla Finland
36.61-97.49ARMS OKL
71.17-156.48Barrow Alaska
72.58-38.48Summit Greenland
-74.99122.96Dome C Antarctica
46.8136.942Payerne Switzerland
-15.775435-43.466896IBER Minas Gerais/rad
-10.309269-41.31803IBER Bahia/wind
22.466893-100.777205IBER San Luis Potosi Mex/wind
22.087895-101.602993IBER Zacatecas Mex/rad
55.305482-4.088157IBER Scotland/wind
42.304491-4.014777IBER Burgos/wind
37.571131-7.208683IBER Huelva/rad
84.591414.7372MOSAIC Polarstern in spring (warm spells)
88.885996.0429MOSAIC Polarstern in autumn (rain event)
85.585213.248MOSAIC Maximal ice production event in March


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